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Facts To Health

Organic Juice

Juicer Recipes

   1. Beets - Blood cleansing

   2. Tomato - Heart health

   3. Carrot - Boosting the immune system

   4. Ginger - Rich in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer

   5. Blueberries - Alzheimer's Disease prevention

   6. Lemon & Peels - Digestion

   7. Gochi berries - Anti-Oxidants

   8. Flex seed & Sesame powder

   9. Herbs

  10. Mixed berries & Nuts (Walnut, Cashew, Almond, Brazil Nuts, Filbert and Pecan)

  11. Bee Pollen

Add the followings according to individual need...

   Celery - Lowering blood pressure

   Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd) - Improve diabetic and toxemia conditions

   Onion - Lower cholesterol and osteoporosis

   Pineapple - Cure pains and aches

   Apple - Diabetes and Lung Cancer prevention

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